Committed to the environment.


La fabricación de estructuras metálicas cumple con los estándares más exigentes del mercado, garantizando la máxima calidad.

To certify the quality in all our processes, the warehouse departments,
workshop manager and construction residency, report directly to the
project management in order to make the reports, prevention and / or
timely detection of any deficiency in supplies, materials and
works executed in plant or in work, guaranteeing the efficiency of the
work executed.


We use materials with a certificate of origin from national and international mills.

Highly Trained Staff

All personnel working in cyacsa, are constantly supervised and audited to give high performance of our service

– Visual Inspection
– UT

– Particles
– Liquids

Production Process

Our production process are in a complete compliance with IMCA standards and specifications. We manage a constant improvement culture.


We have more than 400 employees who understand the importance of metal structure in all infrastructure projects.
We workd under stric quality and security standards.


We implement sustainable systems
in our processes:

• AApplication of water-based anticorrosive coatings
• Use of low pollutant inputs
• In order to deliver a structure of better quality being as sustainable as possible, complying with the official Mexican standards of the SEMARNAT



Highly trained


All personnel working in cyacsa, are constantly supervised and audited to give high performance of our service.

Safety: staff
and facilities


The staff, facilities, and
equipment are safe.

Constant compliance
with rules


Committed to complying with safety and environmental regulations.

Constant staff
health monitoring


Integration and promotion of health campaigns for the staff.

Health Campaigns

Within our project services, we carry out chealth campaigns for all the staff regarding current measures, promoting prevention at all times through monitoring and training.

Human Development

Cyacsa has highly trained staff to promote and achieve training programs on industrial safety and environment.


We have a personalized management system for each project according to the needs of the client, as well as staff with extensive experience in the field.

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