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CYACSA specializes in the supply,
manufacture and assembly of metal structures
for any type of work

We specialize in the design, fabrication and assembly
of your steel structure


Fabrication and assembly of metal structures

We manufacture metal structures with specialized equipment of cutting, boring, punching and beveled with people highly qualified to perform efficient jobs and the highest quality required by our customers.

Structural design

We work with computer programs specialized in structural engineering, thus optimizing the structural design, guaranteeing safety, economy and good functioning of it.

To ensure that manufacturing and assembly comply with the project in progress we use 2d or 3d models for the elaboration of structural engineering (pro stell) eficientando our production and assembly.

Coating and cleaning
of metal structures.

Cleaning and coating of metal structure we have equipment and technology of tip to clean and cover the metal structures with anti-corrosive paint and fire, as well as final coating finished in construction. Applying paints of the highest ecological technology making easier the process, complying with NFPA standards.

Between floors and metal roofs

We supply and place sheet for mezzanines, roofs, and metallic facades in coordination with the works of steel structure, generating greater advances in the rest of the construction activities.

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