Committed to the environment

At CYACSA we are a company committed to the environment, we maintain a constant innovation in our supplies, always maintaining the best quality standard.

For the benefit of our customers and staff, in CYACSA metallic infrastructure, we have the industrial safety programs required by the STPS and OSHA, always keeping our personnel in constant training. With which we certify the welfare of our collaborators, as well as our clients and partners.

As part of our commitment to nature, its preservation and care, we use water-based paints friendly to the environment. Its manufacture is solvent free, which avoids the damage of the ozone layer when they evaporate, in addition to having a better performance and life time than common paints.

To certify the quality in all our processes, the warehouse departments, workshop manager and construction residency, report directly to the project management in order to make the reports, prevention and / or timely detection of any deficiency in supplies, materials and works executed in plant or in work, guaranteeing the efficiency of the work executed.

Committed to the future we implement sustainable systems in our processes, as a protection to our environment:
- Application of water-based anticorrosive coatings
- Use of low pollutant inputs
In order to deliver a structure of better quality being as sustainable as possible, complying with the official Mexican standards of the SEMARNAT

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