BUILDING A FUTURE WITH STEEL Experience since 1984 in the design, manufacture and assembly
of metal structures.


We are a Mexican Company that has been working since 1984 in the construction industry. We specialize in the design, fabrication and assembly of metal structures.

In order to develop our projects, we have a team of professionals that are highly qualified, with a technical office, in which all of our clients structural project’s designs are developed..

We have at our disposal a workshop with the machines, cranes, trained welders, expert assemblers and assembly equipment for field deployment that are operated by machinists with a long experience in assembly works. All this fulfills the national and international quality standards (AISC, IMCA Y AWS).

  • Mission

    To be the company that provides the services of metallic infrastructures for construction, by demonstrating our capacity, proven in all the country’s entities, renewing constantly with the construction processes’ innovations.

  • Vision

    We want to position ourselves as the Company with the best costume services. Always contributing to our constructions with the best quality and structural solutions.

  • Values

    Our values are solid and absolute. We focus in the Integrity and the Ethics. Honesty, Liability and Quality are the values that conform the main pillar of CYACSA.

qualified professionals

Ethical Code

In this organization we are focused in the working and personal growth of all our collaborators. Always being committed with the safety of our employees and their families.

Our company stands out of its commitment with the ethical code in the daily interactions with our associates, clients, suppliers, and institutions whether they are public or private.

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